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November 07 2013


Welcome to my DIY Bath Salts Blog

Greetings there and good to see you at my brand new blog! 

If you are really interested in getting the hang of how to make bath salts, then this is definitely the blog site for you. If you're here in the first place, most likely you are already interested in this. Please take a second to follow me! 

If you know what you are doing, making *amazing bath salts* isn't really that complicated whatsoever. It is truly very simple to include a few salts that "work" very well together, several herbs as well as colorants and come out with incredible salts. 

However in case you have no problem with cement hard bath salts recipes that are actually impossible to pour and also smell just like mould - then this particular webpage isn't really intended for you. 

But if you're seeking to whip up some remarkable bath salts then you have most certainly come to the best blog for that! 

Exactly what makes you qualified to discuss bath salt recipes? I can already hear the question :-) 

The fact is I have a bunch of background. Some thing like 12 years creating bath salts and teaching other crafters how to as well. Over times I have also assisted a couple of dozen businesses generate new product lines (bath salts obviously) and make sure they are delivering just the best to their clients. 

This is effectively the experience I bring to the table when I am going to be publishing this blog page and sharing that knowledge with you.

That's it for now! All the best!


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